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As with any project of this size, errors are bound to creep into the final product.

This page will be updated frequently to reflect all errors discovered in the second edition of JavaScript: The Complete Reference.

Please send any comments or errors to We apologize but we cannot respond to each individual inquiry.

Chapter 6

Examples showing Number object and comparing their values should include the new operator

var n1 = new Number(1);
var n2 = new Number(2);


Chapter 8

The first code example on the page will not render as shown in the subsequent illustration unless break tags are added to the source code as follows:

var pattern = /(cat) (and) (dog) /;
var result = pattern.exec("My cat and dog are black.");

document.writeln("result = "+result+"<br />");
document.writeln("result.length = "+result.length+"<br />");
document.writeln("result.index = "+result.index+"<br />");
document.writeln("result.lastIndex = "+result.lastIndex+"<br />");
document.writeln("result.input = "+result.input+"<br />");

Chapter 9

p.238, Second paragraph
The word regulated should be relegated.

Chapter 12

p.355, Table 12-1
The description for the Feature Parameter left should read "use screenx", not "use screeny".

The errata for the first edition of this book are available here.

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