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Contents (2nd Edition)

Part I Introduction
  Chapter 1 Introduction to JavaScript
  Chapter 2 JavaScript Core Features — Overview
Part II Core Language
  Chapter 3 Data Types and Variables
  Chapter 4 Operators, Expressions, and Statements
  Chapter 5 Functions
  Chapter 6 Objects
  Chapter 7 Array, Date, Math, and Type-Related Objects
  Chapter 8 Regular Expressions
Part III Fundamental Client-Side JavaScript
  Chapter 9 JavaScript Object Models
  Chapter 10 The Standard Document Object Model
  Chapter 11 Event Handling
Part IV Using JavaScript
  Chapter 12 Controlling Windows and Frames
  Chapter 13 Handling Documents
  Chapter 14 Form Handling
  Chapter 15 Dynamic Effects: Rollovers, Positioning, and Animation
  Chapter 16 Navigation and Site Visit Improvements
  Chapter 17 Browser and Capabilities Detection
Part V Advanced Topics
  Chapter 18 JavaScript and Embedded Objects
  Chapter 19 Remote JavaScript
  Chapter 20 JavaScript and XML
Part VI Real World JavaScript
  Chapter 21 Browser-Specific Extensions and Considerations
(This chapter consolidates chapters 22 & 23 from the first edition)
  Chapter 22 JavaScript Security
(This was Chapter 21 in the first edition)
  Chapter 23 JavaScript Programming Practices
(This was Chapter 24 in the first edition)
Part VII Appendixes
  Appendix A Core Syntax Quick Reference
  Appendix B JavaScript Object Reference
  Appendix C JavaScript Reserved Words

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